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    How This Marching Ensemble Met a $30,000 Fundraising Goal in a Few Short Weeks

    Published by The FansRaise Team



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    Updated 6/27/2020 - 

    Considering how the performing/marching arts and school arts programs are HIGHLY up in the air due to Covid-19, the ability to DIGITALLY FUNDRAISE and reach potential donors online is KEY to fundraising in the time of Covid. Scroll to the end of this post for some updated Covid-19 fundraising links.


    Regardless of how large your group is, where your group is located, or the relative economics of the region in which you live, a well-coordinated crowdfunding campaign is your best bet for large-scale fundraising. 

    In 2017 and 2018, the Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps from Austin Texas used the FansRaise platform to create a capital campaign fundraiser to replace mission-critical equipment. What they found is that a "wash-rinse-repeat" system, built specifically for the performing arts, worked wonders for them.

    What they learned was that by coordinating messaging in a way that made the campaign "personal" to individual members, and by creating a sense of team-building, their small time investment paid off immeasurably.

    By the way this model has been adapted successfully by hundreds of performing ensembles around the United States:

    • Middle School and High School arts programs
    • Community theater, musicals and drama
    • Instrumental, vocal, strings
    • Non-profit independent arts organizations


    In this free download, Genesis D&BC shares their experience using FansRaise, and they walk step-by-step through a very simplified process:

    Free Download "How a Marching Ensemble  Raised $30,000" In A Few Weeks"


    Updated Covid-19 Content

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