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    It might be chilly outside, but crowdfunding is feeling HOT like LAVA.

    Published by Brian Gilbert


    While much of the country has been thrust into the rude reality of single-digit temperatures (2 degrees here as I write this), many groups are embracing the comforting "warmth" of group crowdfunding.

    The FansRaise system is designed to do many things for your program:

    • Raise surprising sums of money quickly
    • Give your parents/boosters a much needed BREAK (since the kids do close to 100% of the 'work' - and there's not much work anyway)
    • Reinforce the concepts of program ownership, responsibility, and accountability to your students
    • Create buzz around your campaign by creating an event that everyone can get excited about


    Case in point - recently the indoor winter guard at James Bowie High School in Austin Texas selected FansRaise to help get their World Guard to WGI China.

    Not sure if a crowdfunding campaign is right for your group? You can learn more via our FAQs, and this post.

    And most of all, don't forget to download our $10,000 Blueprint, which groups are using as their trusty roadmap to help plan and execute their largest fundraising campaign of the year:

    Download our $10,000 Blueprint,  and learn how ensembles are raising  large amounts of funds quickly

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