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    Increase your high school's crowdfunding campaign potential by 25% by doing this ONE simple thing.

    Published by Brian Gilbert


    One of the beautiful benefits of large-group crowdfunding within the context of the performing arts is that by nature - crowdfunding is really easy.

    Super-simple easy...

    Many of the programs we tend to work with are high schools. High schools are in a unique position as those directors lose roughly 25% of their kids to graduation, but they also gain a new 25% with the new incoming 9th grade class.

    Our point is this - If you consider the timing of your campaign, by launching in the early spring you can enjoy the benefit of having your 12th graders take an active hands-on role before they depart. You will also be able to add-in the new 9th grade class in the springtime (if you recruit early for marching band) or summertime.

    By manipulating the timing of your crowdfunding campaign, you can include 5 grades instead of just 4.

    Considerations need to be made in terms of the type of campaign you decide to run. For instance, graduating seniors will be a lot less inclined to participate in a campaign where the funds go into activity fees or for other individual uses - after all they are headed out the door.

    BUT, if you select a goal that is capital in nature, you should be able to have those graduating seniors (and their families and personal networks) participate and support a capital campaign. Think along the lines of equipment, uniforms, trucks/trailers, etc.


    Here's the key - if you are considering a campaign for next year's marching band season -> move it ahead to springtime. Launch it this spring before your seniors leave, and then add in your incoming new 9th graders hen you can to give the campaign a little more of a tailwind.

    Also, to help you through this - grab our $10,000 Blueprint to give you the roadmap on how to make sure your campaign is everything it can be.

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