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    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - 3 Reasons Why Your Indoor Performing Ensemble Needs To Do A Crowdfunding Campaign

    Published by Brian Gilbert

    Something just a little different today - a VIDEO Friday Tip!

    Indoor season is upon us. Regardless of whether you're involved with a scholastic ensemble with some degree of district or booster parent support, or an independent arts ensemble fighting it out on your own - YOU NEED MORE FUNDING THAN YOU CURRENTLY HAVE.

     Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 12.02.40 PM


    Fortunately for you - the odds are in your favor, for a few reasons (3 of which we outline in the video above)...


    Even small ensembles can raise astounding amounts of money! We had a small 28-member high school indoor drumline raise almost $12K in just under 3 weeks by using FansRaise.


    Download our $10,000 Blueprint,  and learn how ensembles are raising  large amounts of funds quickly


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