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    Another fundamental advantage for crowdfunding as a band fundraiser

    Published by Brian Gilbert

    We've reviewed the many reasons that crowdfunding works so well as a band fundraiser, and for large group fundraising like drum corps, large performing ensembles, theater clubs, etc...

    Downey hates lame fundraisers

    We just found another to add to the list - and we think it's significant to mention:

    A crowdfunding campaign is something that can be adjusted, re-tuned, and optimized on the fly, since it emanates from one person or organization running the campaign and controlling the messaging.

    The nature of a well-built campaign lends itself to the director's or administrator's ability to refocus or even re-target messaging on the fly. As far as band fundraisers go, this is key since you can learn from real-time feedback.

    * Note - We DO NOT recommend you completely switch goals or targets mid-stream, as your early donors will then have donated to something different than they intended!


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