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    FansRaise - Crowdfunding for the Performing Arts

    $30k in 3 Weeks: How Carolina Crown Made Fundraising a Game (and won!)

    4 Ways to Drive Arts Fundraising During Covid-19 Recovery

    [Updated] No platform fees in 2020

    FansRaise helps performing arts programs affected by Covid-19 by waiving fees

    What is Peer to Peer Fundraising, and Why Your Ensemble Needs to Do It Now

    How This Marching Ensemble Met a $30,000 Fundraising Goal in a Few Short Weeks

    Grab Our New Report - Raise $5K in 6 Days for Your Performing Ensemble with FansRaise

    When it comes to fundraising, Sunday's are the most important day of your week.

    A THON is one of the easiest, no-brainer fundraisers possible

    October should be the PERFECT STORM (for your crowdfunding campaign)

    Not crowdfunding - it's a Capital Campaign outside of the box...

    3 Reasons why Indoor Ensembles raise WAY MORE money with FansRaise

    The Real Reason Students Respond to Measurement and Accountability

    3 Reasons Why Vocal Ensembles Raise WAY MORE Money with FansRaise

    Should Marching Band Participation Be Required in High School Music Programs?

    This Small Attitude Shift Increases Ensemble Fundraising Results 10X

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - The Hardest Thing About ANY Fundraising (that you don't have to worry about)

    The Rising Cost of the Marching Arts - The Most Expensive Sport in America

    90 Performing Arts Fundraising Ideas - HUGE Guide for Arts Ensembles (Podcast Ep 302)

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - "Reasonable Expectations" (video)

    Our most successful campaigns share these 4 characteristics

    How This Marching Ensemble Met a $30,000 Fundraising Goal in a Few Short Weeks

    3 Ways to Increase Student/Family Participation In Your Crowdfunding Campaign

    In support of all of our music booster parents - finding ways to provide for the kids

    There are thousands of dollars hidden in your rehearsal room - you just need to know where to look.

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - "FREE" is rarely the best answer

    3 Reasons why fall Marching Ensembles raise WAY MORE money with FansRaise

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - High Goals Require High Fundraising Expectations

    4 Ways That Marching Bands Can Increase Recruitment

    We talk to a lot of arts educators and booster parents - here's what they tell us.

    There are TWO primary ways to approach fundraising for your ensemble, but which is best for you?

    90 Performing Arts Fundraising Ideas - HUGE Guide for Arts Ensembles

    A THON fundraiser is one of the easiest fundraisers you can do

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - Learn from what others are doing

    Our Most "Musically Talented" Presidents

    High School Band Fundraisers in the land of Texas and TMEA

    The most INSANE PROPS Ever Seen in the Marching Activity (Who's on our list?)

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - Don't Throw Away Your 'Shot'

    It might be chilly outside, but crowdfunding is feeling HOT like LAVA.

    'Our program hates fundraising - nobody wants to participate, but where did all this MONEY come from?'

    Here's to educators working their tails-off on Sunday

    Crowdfunding Campaigns Around The Holidays

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - Facing Skepticism

    Wildest Uniforms Ever Seen in the Marching Activity (Who's on our list?)

    How 64 Band Kids Increased Fundraising by 417% in One Month

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - 3 Reasons Why Your Indoor Performing Ensemble Needs To Do A Crowdfunding Campaign

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - The best campaign is one already launched

    Tips on how to make your arts program more "corporate business friendly"...

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - October can be the PERFECT STORM (for your crowdfunding campaign)

    3 Ways to Improve Group Communications

    Band parents confused by the whole "judging" thing?

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - Give Your Campaign a 2nd Wind

    3 Reasons That Performing Ensembles Raise 417% More Money With FansRaise

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - Less is More

    In fundraising - do you want to hit "singles" or "home runs"?

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - Strength In Numbers

    Answerbag - Should I do a "Capital/Org Campaign' or a "Student Campaign'?

    Huge marching field show productions require HUGE fundraising to reach the starting line

    How to help your child survive BAND CAMP

    This is the WORST Part of Marching Band (you CAN'T disagree)

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - Launch Dates Matter In Crowdfunding

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - Incentivize Larger Donations

    Ensemble Fundraising - How To Plan and "HACK" your Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

    Using Crowdfunding to Pay For Band Trips, Fees, and Other Student Expenses

    Here's the simple reason your performing org NEEDS to do a crowdfunding campaign.

    Answerbag - "Why wouldn't I just do a GFM crowdfunding campaign?"

    Answerbag - What are the biggest MISTAKES to avoid within my Crowdfunding Campaign?

    Answerbag - How Long Should Your Campaign Last? Benefits of Start and End Dates...

    Answerbag - How Big a Group Do I Need For a Crowdfunding Campaign ?

    Why Social Crowdfunding Campaigns Struggle, and Why Email is Still Vital To Success

    It's Drum Corps Season, So Commence the GFM Begging...

    Create more student "engagement" by showing them the REAL costs of your program

    Crowdfunding as a Different Type of Marching Band Fundraising

    Celebrating a birthday, and planning 2018 marching band fundraising

    Maximize the timing of your performing ensembles' crowdfunding campaigns

    Crowdfunding Campaigns Need Contacts That Meet These 3 Requirements

    Big Platform Updates, Changes from FansRaise

    The 5 Things That Your Band Crowdfunding Campaign Must Have

    The most important variable that dictates your fundraising success is...

    Increase your high school's crowdfunding campaign potential by 25% by doing this ONE simple thing.

    High School Band Fundraisers in the land of Texas and TMEA

    Why Students Do/Don't Participate in Fundraising

    Indoor Ensembles - Use end-of-season championships to fuel your crowdfunding campaign

    AmazonSmile - How the 'perception' of giving can hurt fundraising for your arts organization

    "Do I need to involve my students/members in my crowdfunding campaign?"

    New Report on Arts Fundraising - Your $10,000 Blueprint

    Music Boosters Are Opting For Easier, Hassle-Free Fundraising

    3 Things to Consider Within Your Crowdfunding Campaign's "Ask"...

    Band Booster Fundraisers - aka "Take my money - I don't want your stuff..."

    Your GoFundMe Campaign is Probably Doomed To Fail - Here's Why

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - When It's Time to Go Ahead With Your Fundraising

    Why Winterguard and Indoor Percussion Ensembles Need Additional Funding Help

    Will the new tax plan impact your crowdfunding campaign?

    Why YOUR Crowdfunding Campaign is the Most Important Campaign

    3 Crowdfunding Tips For Big Results

    Indoor Guard and Percussion Ensembles Struggling For Funding

    About #GivingTuesday, and how it relates to marching & performing arts fundraising

    Marching Band Fundraising For Student Leadership Development

    The delicate balance of planning band fundraisers

    Examination of a Successful Campaign

    Reflections from a Championship Week - Band Boosters as "Tribes"

    Still looking for your fill of marching band awesomeness?

    Crowdfunding for Drum and Bugle Corps may be your answer

    Friday FansRaise Tip - Use the "Jedi Mind Trick" in Marching Band Fundraising

    Band Fundraisers - Your Horror Stories

    Use FansRaise to help your students subsidize band trips, fees, etc...

    5 Ways Band Parents Can Support Their Kids

    FansRaise Crowdfunding - Now Available on YouTube

    That time of the season - Band Boosters - how's the budget holding up?

    Your Friday FansRaise Tip - Set the Clock in Motion

    Your Friday Tip to Take your Band Fundraising to the Next Level

    Why the timing of your band fundraiser matters

    Another fundamental advantage for crowdfunding as a band fundraiser

    Milestone - Year 1 Reflections on FansRaise Crowdfunding

    Why start a crowdfunding campaign? The list is ENDLESS...

    Crowdfunding Campaign Mechanics - Best Practices

    How band boosters can raise net-new funds with no additional work

    Another reason crowdfunding is perfect for high school band fundraisers

    Crowdfunding Campaign Tips - Do THIS to Incentivize Larger Donations

    Handy InfoGraphic to Use When Comparing Crowdfunding Providers

    Band Boosters and Band Directors - Do you have your copy of the FansRaise DrillBook?

    Resources for band boosters, band parents, etc

    How to get fuller participation from your group in band fundraising

    Using marching band fundraising to emphasize student ownership

    As marching programs innovate, shouldn't fundraising evolve as well?

    The real costs of band fundraisers

    An Article to Share with Your Band Directors

    What makes a fundraiser successful in the eyes of band boosters?

    Marching band fundraising doesn't need to be a nickel/dime effort...

    How's the budget holding up, Band Director and Band Boosters?

    Band Camp and an onslaught of high school band fundraisers...

    Here's how a major drum and bugle corps attacked a financial problem

    Quick Update on a Busy Weekend

    Contact lists - what works for crowdfunding and marching band fundraising?

    Accountability - How Band Directors & Band Boosters Keep Kids Engaged

    3 Reasons Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail (or at least underachieve)

    Your Questions ANSWERED - Crowdfunding and Marching Band Fundraising

    Planning Marching Band Fundraising for the Fall?

    Band Boosters and Band Directors are Going with FansRaise

    Selecting a crowdfunding goal - for band director/band boosters

    Happy 4th of July From FansRaise

    As band fundraisers go - where should Crowdfunding fit in?

    Fundraising Prayers Answered - Band Boosters & Band Directors

    3 Strategies to hyper-charge high school band fundraisers

    The importance of GOAL/TARGET choices in band fundraising campaigns

    When it comes to marching band fundraising, "Take it Easy"...

    How Band Boosters and Band Directors Can Make Fundraising A Game

    How to get school board & administrators to support crowdfunding for the arts

    What is the Strangest Band Fundraiser You've Tried?

    Band Boosters and Band Directors Can Agree on Band Fundraising

    How about "Mega" goals for band fundraising?

    What Qualities Define a World Class Band Director?

    Band Fundraising via Crowdfunding

    Why Crowdfunding Works So Well For Band Fundraising

    When lack of budget impacts the marching program...

    Getting ready for our Beta Testing - What is "beta"?

    Introducing FansRaise - Complete Crowdfunding and Program Management Tools for the Performing Arts

    Is there a marching "Arms Race"?

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