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    $30k in 3 Weeks: How Carolina Crown Made Fundraising a Game (and won!)

    Published by TJ Kelly

    Carolina Crown’s student members raised $35,287 in 31 days — online, via crowdfunding, during a pandemic.

    The corps’ staff made the members’ participation into a game, and it drove massive success with very little effort.

    Here’s how.

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    4 Ways to Drive Arts Fundraising During Covid-19 Recovery

    Published by The FansRaise Team

    Arts program costs didn’t go on quarantine.

    Fundraisers and events are going to look very different during the upcoming months. 

    Here's how you can kickstart your school's fundraising in the wake of Covid-19.

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    [Updated] No platform fees in 2020

    Published by The FansRaise Team

    We all know times are tough right now.

    And of course that includes schools and arts programs, many of whom are unsure what next year will bring.

    • Many schools face budget cuts in the wake of economic downturn.
    • Arts programs are scrambling to replace lost revenue.
    • Reliable fundraisers—like bake sales & car washes—are cancelled.

    It’s a difficult time to be planning a marching band season or show choir set. But we can help.

    Funding the arts is what we do.  For years, we’ve been helping ensembles buy gear and enhance their programs.

    This is our "why." — We want to help.


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    What is Peer to Peer Fundraising, and Why Your Ensemble Needs to Do It Now

    Published by The FansRaise Team

    Peer to peer fundraising is among most widespread and highly-visible fundraising tactics used by non-profit organizations (of all shapes and sizes) - mainly due to the fact that IT WORKS REALLY WELL.

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    How This Marching Ensemble Met a $30,000 Fundraising Goal in a Few Short Weeks

    Published by The FansRaise Team



    Updated 6/27/2020 - 

    Considering how the performing/marching arts and school arts programs are HIGHLY up in the air due to Covid-19, the ability to DIGITALLY FUNDRAISE and reach potential donors online is KEY to fundraising in the time of Covid. Scroll to the end of this post for some updated Covid-19 fundraising links.


    Regardless of how large your group is, where your group is located, or the relative economics of the region in which you live, a well-coordinated crowdfunding campaign is your best bet for large-scale fundraising. 

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    October should be the PERFECT STORM (for your crowdfunding campaign)

    Published by Brian Gilbert

    The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are beginning to drop a little, and October is upon us. 

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